Beta Phase of MapleStory M Begins Globally on Android Devices

Becca Obregon


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MapleStory M has now forayed in the global beta phase and it is available on Google Play Store. The game is based on the MMORPG franchise and offers lots of customization features, compelling storyline, and thrilling boss fights.

MapleStory M characters

Get your hands on the global beta of MapleStory M and get to explore the entire Maple World with five new and unique characters. You can even team up with friends to explore the dungeons in the game which is full of mysteries and surprises. Get to see the all-new forge system of the game before anyone else.

Here are some of the new experiences that you will come across as you download and install MapleStory M.

  • Go Back to the Maple World: You can see and play with all the familiar characters. The game will also introduce you to all the old monsters. In fact, the game is sure to offer you true mobile MapleStory experience.
  • Five Unique Characters to Play With: The MapleStory M has to offer five new and unique characters to the gamers. These are Bowmaster, Night Lord, Corsair, etc. Leverage their special abilities and power to defeat the enemies.

  • Level Up in Terms of Power: As you take down various monsters in the game, you can level up your power. Also, you can hunt specific quest items in your own mini-dungeon.
  • Loot in Dungeons: Look for jewels in the dungeons. You can power up your character with different jewels. Keep coming back to the dungeons to find more jewels.

MapleStory M gameplay

  • Face the Master: Climb floors after floors and keep on defeating the monsters on your way. Once you reach the top, Mu Gong, the martial arts master is waiting for you. Beware! It’s a boss fight.

MapleStory M character selection

  • Unveil the Mysteries of Nett’s Pyramid: Defeat the mummies and monsters of Nett’s pyramid to unearth the mysterious treasures buried there.
  • Team Up With Friends: Join up to 10 other friends to battle against the boss Zakum and earn rewards.

MapleStory M was first released in October 2016. Since then it became #1 ranked free game. It will launch globally later in 2018 on major platforms and for devices powered by iOS and Android.