Best New Mobile Games of 2018 Worth Your Attention

Becca Obregon


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These mobile games undoubtedly deserve the rank of the best ones of the current year. They will mark your 2018 as an era of pleasant graphics and puzzled game plots. They fascinate players from the very start. Most of them are compatible with both iOS and Android. So nothing is going to stop you from playing every now and then on your smartphone.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey game screenshot

Do you remember Alto’s Adventure from 2015? It was a visually beautiful and graphically aesthetic game with snowdrifts and diffused sunlight depicted. If you are the person who liked it a lot, then you’ll definitely meet its sequel with joy. Alto’s Odyssey released on iOS in 2018 is a delightful continuation with an action unfolded in the desert.

The picture is still attractive for an eye, the mood is meditative and calm. This brand new sandboarding game encourages you to explore the mysterious and tempting desert. You will go through dunes and canyons, explore ancient temples hidden in sands. And all this with avoiding various obstacles like rocks, storms, and some mischievous lemurs along your way. Nevertheless, the view of sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking and overlap all past troubles.

Have even more calming experience with Alto’s Odyssey zen mode, which doesn’t let you dive into scoring aspects and contributes to total relaxation.

Kitty Powers’ Love Life

Kitty Powers’ Love Life gameplay

This game is also a sequel. 2014’s Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker was its prototype. In the previous game version, you acted on the side of a dating agency and ought to match cartoon characters with each other. Now you have to deal with successfully matched couples in their most delicate stage of the relationship - initial. The time when everything is so fragile and raw and couples need some support to save their incipient feeling. Lead them through complications and help fall in love, have fun together, and finally get married. In the Love Village, where all your characters inhabit, you should keep an eye on the order and develop convenient infrastructure. Learn your villagers’ likes and dislikes and assist their romantic lives success. If you are a life-management genre admirer, then it’s your new drug of choice.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition poster

Have a beautiful mix of Japanese fantasy and a road trip right on your smartphone. Final Fantasy XV came in a pocket edition for those who want to experience an adventure with Noctis on the go. If you have already played Final Fantasy XV on PC or console, we are not sure you’ll want to play it on the phone. Yet the game lost a part of its charm on mobile gadgets, for newbies to the Final Fantasy world it’s an excellent way to start.

The car journey of good old friends full of dangers and privations awaits you in this edition. You will fight monsters, dodging, blocking and using special attacks. All the methods are useful to help a Chosen Prince to get to his bride. The main character is the crown prince of the kingdom of Lucis (the last state to control the crystal), amiable with friends and cruel with foes, the one that drinks coffee the right way, Noctis Lucis Caelum will definitely enthrall you to the gameplay.

The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins poster

Missed elegantly designed puzzle games? Sure, you did! Try the recent super-tactile puzzle-box compilation with The Room: Old Sins. It’s a fresh mind-breaker with a plot. Everything starts with a mystery of the disappearance of a famous engineer and his sociable wife. The trail will lead to their manor’s attic, namely to the peculiar doll’s house located there.

Eventually, you will enter this spooky ghostly doll’s house and face the challenging tasks. There is much to think about. Physical puzzles can be sorted by manipulating different objects, opening secret compartments rotating statues and ringing bells. Unset unexplored locations and follow confusing clues, this is the only way to uncover Waldegrave Manor mysteries. Room’s twisty logic is the thing you have to adapt first and then it will bring the real satisfaction.

Death Squared

Death Squared gameplay

Puzzles are never too much for those who like to tease brains and boost the intelligence with the help of gaming. Though the puzzle-games are usually playing solo, this one is perfect for cooperation and best served with friends. It is also an extraordinary kind of puzzles, permeated with action and some dangers.

You have two miniature robots you need to guide to a color-coded goal. But the path won’t be so colorful. Deadly traps and hazards are waiting along the way. You will need to resort to a close-knit teamwork. Constant communication and observation can save the life of your team-mates or yours. Discover a solution together controlling your robots and following a mutual goal. Though Death Squared wasn’t designed as a family game, it became such and won the hearts of millions of children.

Meteorfall: Journeys

Meteorfall: Journeys gameplay

Dive into a new deck-building card game with elements of dungeon adventuring. Meteorfall: Journeys is inspired by classic deck-building games like Dream Quest and Dominion. This type of games means that you build the deck over the course of the gameplay, not before you start playing.

On the initial stage, you choose a character and get a bunch of cards to attack. There will be monsters to fight with, so you better continually replenish your cards arsenal. By expanding and upgrading your deck, you will level-up your hero. But be cautious, to avoid the death during this journey is a particularly challenging task. To bypass a doom is almost impossible, though the previously earned gems will unlock new cards for the next time round. The game is rather addictive with its distinctive delightful cartoon-style visuals and the excellent sound design. Meteorfall will require planning and making strategy, but it's also quite accessible to anyone. This is a sort of a game you will be keeping around for a while.

Bring You Home

Bring You Home gameplay

Cute cartoon-style graphics, sweet and lovable design, intuitive controls, and much fun through a gameplay. That is all about Bring You Home game from Alike Studio developer. While designing the game, the guys have definitely had in mind to complement it with fabulous artistic level, adorable characters and 47 levels full of joy. The original game mechanic is getting complicated and more surprising every step you take.

The plot also adds some sugariness. When the game just begins two figures in cloak dognap Polo’s beloved animal that looks more likely a dog. You have to guide an alien Polo through all the difficulties to find his kidnapped pet. The mission is kind and altruistic, isn’t it?

While playing, you control the level, not the character. And this is an original twist on this game. So be inventive and creative to pass it.


The world of mobile games gains momentum performing more and more cool and exciting products. Most of them are as well-developed as PC-versions are. Some of them are not yet, but they really try to keep up with the modern tendencies and to improve their controls.

Nowadays with myriads of mobile games performed on Google Play and iTunes, you always have a good choice of different genres and preferred features. Do not ever be bored with these fantastic samples on your smartphones and find the perfect game solutions personally for you.