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The description of Stick War: Legacy

Stick War is one of the most epic games you’ll ever play. Its simplicity is class. And class is eternal. With Legacy coming to mobile, nothing beats this title. The faithful sounds of “stay behind me” and “gold is great” are there to keep you company in this surreal world that has no rival.

Essence of Stick War: Legacy - 5/5

The plot is set in Inamorta, a land where warring factions have all but taken themselves out. Each faction idolizes their way of battle, almost to a religion, and seeks to impose that way of life on the others. As the leader of the Order faction, you attempt to restore peace and knowledge to Inamorta, but you have to fight and subdue the Swordwrath, Archidons, Speartons, and Magikill first. You also have to mine gold to keep your army going. Therefore, it is a fine strategic balance between attack, defense, and mining resources. Once the enemy statue falls, the game is won.

Resource management is a huge part of this game, and you have to maintain a balance between your units, i.e., soldiers and miners. The campaign mode, where you have the most fun, is unfortunately too short. However, you can play in tournament mode with a steady internet connection.

Graphics and Audio - 4.5/5

The graphics in this game are uniquely cartoony, with the characters consisting of stick-like silhouettes of different colors. Don’t be fooled; the game is quite emotive. There are lots of colors, and the background art pieces serve to keep the game interesting at all junctures. Having simple graphics doesn’t inherently make the game any less fun. In fact, this is the game’s main selling point, combined with the epic soundtrack.

Controls - 4.5/5

The controls are mostly on-screen icons with few menus. You can press different icons to mine gold or deploy your troops. On the top left corner of your screen, you can see the number of casualties that you have taken out. The battles are passive, and you can only advance your troops without controlling them individually in battle. You can also swipe or pinch on your screen to view the entire battle arena. Overall, the controls are quite intuitive.

Immersion - 4.5/5

Despite how unserious the graphics look, this game is a thrill. Once you start playing, there is no putting down your device. Part of the game’s allure is its ability to be emotive with minimalist content. However, this is where its biggest problem arises. There just isn’t enough material to keep you coming back to this game for more. The campaign ends almost as soon as it begins, and you’ll need a steady internet connection to play in tournament mode.


  • Unique and fun graphics;
  • Simplistic but surprisingly fun gameplay;
  • The storyline overarches well over the gameplay.


  • Has limited gameplay content especially in campaign mode.


Stick War: Legacy leaves its mark effortlessly despite its few shortcomings. It is a great game with such simple mechanics that you might entirely forget that this is a game. Being this simple makes it perfect for mobile, and the controls have been optimized well. You can spend hours playing this game without being too overwhelmed with progressing or getting bored. The short story leaves you longing for more though.

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Julia Kramer

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Stick War: Legacy

5 / 5
Latest Version: 1.3.65
Publish Date: 2017-08-01
Size: 59.3 MB

What's new

Stick Swag Store has now been launched with Stick War: Legacy T-Shirts and Mugs!

New game mode Crown Of Inamorta! Compete against the AI in a 16 player tournament on new maps and game types. The tournament is different each time you play!

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