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The description of Brick Breaker | Less Than Captivating

Brick Breaker takes you back to the old 2D games that defined mobile gaming at the turn of the millennium. The game has lots of color and fun enjoyable moments, but sadly these end too quickly.

Essence of Brick Breaker - 3/5

Brick Breaker requires that you select two or more connected bricks of the same color to score. You can pop more blocks to get extra points, but the catch is they have to be adjacent to each other. While each adjacent brick that you break scores you points, every extra brick that remains after the game is completed takes away points from you. The game offers four difficulty modes: easy, normal, hard, and extra hard. Beyond checking the scores on the online leaderboards to see where your personal best stands, you can try to beat your own records without the pressure of having to grind excessively.

Graphics and Audio - 3.5/5

The graphics are very colorful and cheery. The background sound effects are appropriate for this game due to its unserious nature. The menus are simple, and on-screen prompts occasionally appear to tell you what to do next. The graphics are not captivating though, and you will forget about them probably as soon as you shut down the game. Rendering is lackluster, and there is little depth to the visuals. A lot more could have been done to make the game more appealing.

Controls - 4/5

The control system is simple and intuitive, quite appropriate for a game in this genre. You only need to tap on the brick that you want to eliminate and swipe that against the adjacent brick to knock them off the game board. A common complaint from players is the inability to control the game sound within the game. Instead, you have to make adjustments in your phone settings. The controls also don’t lag.

Immersion - 4/5

This is the kind of game that isn’t really bad. However, you just can’t help the feeling that more could have been done to make the experience better. The game does offer different levels, which is a great thing. It becomes challenging and fun at the same time as you need to pay closer attention to the brick arrangement on the board. Beyond the surface, this is a really simple game that can run on any device.


  • Cool and vibrant graphics;
  • Has an easy learning curve;
  • The controls are quite intuitive even at first;
  • Doesn’t lag.


  • Pretty dull and doesn’t offer any new content;
  • Constant requests for rating are intrusive.


Brick Breaker is just one among the thousands of games on the App Store and Google Play Store which seem like revamps of old mobile and PC games. The game is strikingly familiar, but there is nothing to distinguish it from other brick-breaker games that have come before it. It does boast lots of colors and has a cheerful soundtrack, which unfortunately is affected by glitches. And that’s about it for whatever excitement the game might offer.

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Becca Obregon

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Brick Breaker | Less Than Captivating

4 / 5
Latest Version: 1.0.8
Publish Date: 2016-12-05
Size: 3.1 MB

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fixed slow animation for bigger screens.

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