Sonic Games Leak User Locations, Investigation by SEGA is ON


Games installed on your mobile device leaking your location or other data sounds creepy and dreadful. In the mid of January 2018, Pradeo, a security company, issued a statement against SEGA’s Sonic Games. As per the statement, Pradeo claimed that these games are leaking the data related to the user location along with other device’s information. 

Some of the titles that have this security issue include Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, and Sonic Dash. It is noteworthy that as per the statement, the security breach has affected somewhere between a whopping 120 million to 600 million users.

The aforementioned numbers are based on the number of downloads that each of these Sonic Games have on the Google Play Store. Thus, saying that these numbers are cent percent correct won’t be true. 

Also, as per Pradeo, these Sonic games have, on average, 15 vulnerabilities. Again, as per the same security organization, the location data and device information are sent to approximately 11 distant servers. These 11 servers include three uncertified ones.

After the release of this statement and report by Pradeo, SEGA, in a statement for Zdnet, mentioned that it is now investigating these claims. Also, SEGA mentioned that if these claims are true, it is sure to address and resolve the technical and security glitches in the game titles.