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The description of There is no game

Never has dialogue in a game been this awesome. Spoiler, the title is misleading and there is a rich backstory to this game. The European male voice behind the game’s system will ensure that you are kept riveted over the short length of gameplay.

Essence of There is No Game - 4.5/5

The game starts you off with a surreal soundtrack playing and the title ‘There Is No Game’ blazing in blue strobe. The words ‘HELLO USER’ (similar to the ‘Hello World’ output in most coding GUIs) is the first thing you see and hear, narrated by the voice cracking in the background. The voice denies that there is a game while the roll is actually just beginning. From there, various items appear on your screen which you can fiddle around with as you discover that there is, in fact, a game that will have you riveted from start to finish. As you get into it, you’ll discover a mishmash of several genres and variants. The voice gives you occasional cues, and as items appear on-screen and you fiddle with them, other levels such as a spelling game arise. While the game is remarkably fun, it ends quickly.

Graphics and Audio - 4.5/5

Considering that it’s a title from indie developers, There Is No Game passes the test of visual credibility. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not, rather it takes an innovative concept and makes it work. The graphics vary from on-screen text playing hand in hand with the narrator’s voice, to a 2D variety of everything else. While heavily pixelated, this is part of the game’s design, and the background voice that you interact with makes this a truly unique gaming experience.

Controls - 4/5

This game is best played with mouse input on a PC or Mac. However, it works for touchscreen devices provided you have enough screen space. For example, you might need to do some heavy lifting when moving things around on-screen, and dragging with your finger will feel a little clumsy or unintuitive. The voice gives you occasional cues, and as you play the game hints on-screen start to reveal themselves.

Immersion - 4.5/5

At first, you won’t understand what this game is all about, but as you start playing accompanied by the deeply accented voice, it begins to unravel. You’ll enjoy the narrator and his shenanigans, and occasionally you’ll find yourself getting attached to him as you forage deeper into the mystery. Blame it on budgetary constraints of indie game development, but the game is just too short and leaves you longing for more.


  • An awesome concept, with a charismatic narrator making it entirely worthwhile;
  • Unpredictable and unlocks content in a mysterious way.


  • Gameplay only lasts a couple of minutes;
  • Controls may be clunky on smaller-screen devices.


This is an exceptional game. It has puzzles to solve, is simple in design yet provides a rich experience especially if you can work out where or how to move next, and if you can take a good hint. The game is not only unique but is also a welcome break from all those MOBAs, RPGs, and Farm Sim games that have grown ubiquitous on Google Play and App Store.

Professional Critic
Becca Obregon

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There is no game

4 / 5
Latest Version: 1.0
Publish Date: 2015-07-15
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