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You’ve probably come across the .io genre of games by now. You know, those games that involve eating opponents and everything else in your wake and getting bigger. introduces a new kind of gameplay, where you feed your animals and grow them to become the strongest in the arena.

Essence of - 4.5/5

Similar to other .io games with feed-and-grow mechanics, Mope involves you eating something in the form of other animals. You start out as a tiny mouse and work your way up the food chain becoming anything, even a dragon. Players must hydrate and feed their creatures; therefore, when roaming the map never stray too far from a water zone. You’ll see these marked by blue bubbles on the map. The great thing about is the fact that after eating, not only do you grow but you also level up, both in strength and abilities. In an overly simplified way, the game showcases how energy is transformed into an intelligence system, which in itself is a smart concept for an .io game. Bigger animals will chase you, but the final win sees you turned into the apex predator.

Graphics and Audio - 4/5 is an animated style game similar to most other .io games. The game is played from a top-down perspective, with the player being able to view the entire board and control their character. The characters in the game are cute and colorful, varying in size and design. From the viewing angle, you wouldn’t immediately know this was 2D rendered on a moving animated backdrop. The colors are constantly changing, and the soundtrack keeps activity lively.

Controls - 4.5/5

The greatest feature about this game is its control system that is quite intelligent. On-screen prompts interact with you, and the soundtrack changes if something is about to happen. Similar to other .io games, your animal always follows the cursor. Thus, the controls are smart from a mobile device perspective where you can drag a finger around to move your target and read the on-screen prompts to follow instructions.

Immersion - 4.5/5

Initially, this seems like just another one of the now ubiquitous .io games, with similar mechanics and very little else changed. Evolving from a tiny little mouse to the mighty black dragon (at 10 million XP) is an experience that is unforgettable and can’t be had in a day. You’ll see your progress and will get frustrated by players bigger than you. And while you are playing against other players online, there is never a possibility of being attacked while offline; therefore, you can follow your progress.


  • Cool and creative graphics;
  • The controls are effective;
  • Has a fun and immersive concept of leveling animals up.


  • There have been complaints about frequent lagging and crashing.

Good is an intelligent game which is its lasting appeal. You can’t just get enough of eating everything in your way including smaller animals. Levelling up into a bigger, more powerful animal is an appealing concept, as you are always looking to grow to get into safer territory. Still, there is always someone bigger than you in the vast online servers of Mope, and you have no option but to play on to figure out who it is.

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Lindy Callahan

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