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The description of Fortnite

Fortnite on mobile is leading the charge towards the golden age of mobile gaming. The game is as beautiful as ever, and you can tell Epic Games finally has a handle on the touchscreen control system.

Essence of Fortnite - 5/5

The earliest version of Fortnite had players battle against zombie hordes in a survival mode. The mobile version is a battle royale in its truest form, following in the footsteps of PUBG. 100 players, yourself included, drop onto an island and craft, scavenge and battle all the way to the last man standing. As with most other games in this genre, the map area is constantly reducing, forcing confrontation and combat. Setting it apart from PUBG are the building mechanics that Fortnite introduces. You can hack away at anything with your pickaxe, collect resources and use them to build your cover. You can also build to reach opponents in higher or fortified areas.

Graphics and Audio - 5/5

Fortnite on mobile is a beautiful rendition of the console, and PC versions backed up by more powerful processors. The game has lots of texture to it, and the map looks stunning. On iPad, this game runs beautifully. The characters are brought to life, and you can change default settings to suit your vision and device. Even on mobile this game still packs the same level of detail as it always has. The soundtrack is minimalist, just as most players like it.

Controls - 5/5

The controls in this game have been fully remastered and optimized for most kinds of mobile devices. That feeling that you’re clawing for finger space and the controls are working against you just isn’t there. Even that nagging shooter button which occasionally used to block your way and you had to fire off a few unnecessary rounds has been taken care of, at least on widescreen devices. You can swipe or use the direction joystick, along with other on-screen icons for different actions including menu navigation.

Immersion - 4.5/5

The thrill of this probably depends on what kind of device you are playing on. For iOS devices, iPad offers the most rewarding experience, since you can play more intuitively and take in more detail on its wide screen. That said, you won’t miss out on too much if you play the game on other devices. Fortnite still offers an immersive experience that you want to come back to whenever you get the chance.


  • Beautiful graphics despite the port to mobile;
  • A huge community of online players;
  • Remastered controls feel intuitive;
  • Cross-platform gaming;
  • The core experience is uncompromised.


  • May not provide the best experience on smaller screen devices;
  • More game mode versions would be great.


Fortnite on mobile is no less than a wonderful experience. With millions of players, tons of content and events to unlock and play, a variety of game modes, and (yes, importantly) cross-platform gaming, the future looks brighter than ever for Epic’s brainchild. The port to mobile has also opened the path for millions who couldn’t afford more expensive hardware. The game is free to play, but you won’t have to spend a fortune on in-app purchases to enjoy your time there.

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Lindy Callahan

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5 / 5
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Publish Date: 2018-10-22
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